The more, the merrier

Your future flatmates are
waiting for you
in Himeji.
Let’s enjoy co-living
life together!


Triggered by the happy experience of living in a share house for a long time,
I started a share house in Himeji, where I was born and raised.

A little bit of fun in the unchanging daily life.

Some people move to himeji from far away.
Those who live in the suburbs of Himeji and want to get out of their parents’ house for a while are also welcome.

How about living in a share house one time in your life?

Property Listings
Co-living Western style house (near Himeji station)
Nozato Moon Terrace
Coliving Japanese traditional house
Merit to use Co-living
Traveller? Working-holiday? Long-term stay? all welcome!

By living together with locals,
You can also experience the daily life in Japan.
Living in a hotel can make your diet unbalanced, so you can cook your own meals in a shared house(co-living house).

If you are studying Japanese, It may be a good way to learn from housemate.

Traveller, working-holiday? students? Researcher? Alll welcome!!

Step to move in 


Please make an appointment for facility-tour.

Please contact us through the inquiry form to request a facility-tour.
ZOOM meeting also available.


House Tour &

We will give you a tour of the share house and explain about the facilities + rules. Please check the house if you can live or not in real. We will also check whether your life-style will be match to the housemates.


Move-in procedure

Please apply by using the application form. After tenant screening, a contract will be signed. The following are required at the time of signing

Documents & Items you need to prepare

1)Identification documents (school ID or registration card )
2) Passport
3)Guarantor name and contact
(the person who guarantees you when there is some trouble)
4) Fare depend on the contract will be required.
Long-term stay : The first month’s rent and 50,000 yen (non-refundable move-in fee )
Short-term stay : rent fee in advance.



1) Please choose the time you would like to move in (10:00-12:00 or 12:00-14:00)

2) Requirements :
②your personal belongings.
Futon available for rent.



About Contracts

・Nozato MoonTerrace

First month’s rent + 50,000 yen move-in fee (non-refundable) is required.
No security deposit or broker’s fee is required. (The first month’s common service fee will be charged to your account the following month.)
Short-term stay: Full fare in advance.

・Share House 168

The actual cost will be divided equally among the residents.

・Nozato Moon Terrace

15,000 yen flat rate / month
Additional reimbursement may be made in case of significant fuel price hikes or extreme usage.

※Common expenses cover the following

Utilities (electricity, gas, water), wireless wifi, consumables (toilet paper, tissue), detergent (kitchen, toilet,shower), Himeji-city designated burnable garbage bags, plastic bag community association fee, etc.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

Long-term stay: Yes, we do need. please ask someone to be your guarantor.
we need him/her to contact for your emergency case.
Short-term stay: We do not need, but for the fare of stay, please pay in advance.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

Yes, we do.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

All nationalities are welcome to move in.

However, we assume that you are willing to make an effort to speak Japanese in order to communicate with other flatmates.
(for Nozato Moon terrace, you do not need to speak Japanese)

・Sharehouse 168

As a general rule, we are looking for people between the ages of 18-40.
*In the case of short-term tenants, we may accept them depending on the situation, so please consult with us for the case.

・Nozato Moon Terrace

Based on short-term stay, all age welcome.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

If your stay is less than 3months, please refer to the short-term stay rate.

If your stay is longer than 3 months, please refer to the Long Term Stay Rate. (→Rates)

<Important Notice>
As an important rule, we ask you to give us “2 months advanced notice” when you move out.

ie.) If you wish to move out on March 30→Need to give notice by January 31 (rent until March + common service fee required)

Even if it is a emergency case(such as a job transfer or a family emergency), for the long-term contractor case, this rule will be applied.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

Yes. Corporate contracts are available.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

No. No pets allowed.

・Sharehouse 168 Yes, possible, but depend on the living hours of current residents. Basically all rules are based on daytime work/activitiy base. ・Nozato MoonTerrace Nozato MoonTerrace is not available for nighttime workers.(facilitiy issue)


One room per person contract. (No children accepted under 15)

・Nozato MoonTerrace

For couples, 30,000 yen will be added to the basic rent for two persons occupying one room. In addition, the common service fee is charged for two persons each.

After moving in

Basic necessities are provided. Please note that you may be asked to pay for any damage to the house appliances, furniture, or the facility itself.


There is a bed provided.

・Nozato Moon Terrace.


Western-style room… Bed provided
Japanese style room…. No bed provided.

*Long-term stay… you bring your futon/ you can rent futon (with fare)
*short-term stay…. futon fare included.

・Share House 168
・Nozato Moon Terrace

You are basically required to provide your own futon. If you wish, it is possible to rent it for a fee. 


Family, friends, and partners are welcome to stay overnight. However, you will be charged 500 yen per night. (This is included in the common service fee.)

Up to 1-2 times per week (and need to notifly your flatmate by app in advance)

・Nozato MoonTerrace

Family, friends, and partners are welcome to stay overnight. but need some charge for common fee
so please ask for the owner in advance.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

There is no party every day. Please think of it as a natural part of daily life, such as when residents cook and eat together in the kitchen, or watch the same TV programs. You can also organize your own parties 🙂

・Nozato MoonTerrace

In the case of a lost key, we will charge 3,000 yen for each lost key.

If you lost the key or leave your key somewhere and if you cannot enter your room, you need to come over to the managers place to get the key or you need to manage by yourself. (manager is not 24hrs available)

・Sharehouse 168

Cleaning and trash duty for the common areas (kitchen, common lounge, toilets, showers, hallways, etc.) is rotated among the residents.If there are 7residence, you will be assigned to your own week every 7 weeks.

・Nozato Moon Terrace

Co-living contract
Cleaning and trash duty for the common areas.
(kitchen, common lounge, toilets, showers, hallways, etc.) is rotated among the residents.

Whole-house rent contract
you can choose you will clean the house or ask for cleaning for paid basis. 

・Nozato MoonTerrace

We understand that some topics may be difficult to discuss directly with the person. In that case, please contact the administrator. We will try to find some kind of solution together. (We sometimes hold a meeting to discuss the issue (surprisingly, this often solves the problem).


It is possible if all the share mates agree in advance.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

It is possible, but it is depend on the season and week.


Of course! Rather, it’s a place to live, so pace yourself.
When you are tired, go straight to your room. You don’t have to force yourself to use the living room.

There is a TV in the living room and is available until 23:30.

・Nozato MoonTerrace

There are no restrictions as long as you are careful about vibration and volume late at night.

\Choose your favorite/

Co-living Western style house (near Himeji station)
Nozato Moon Terrace
Coliving Japanese traditional house