Share house 168

Share house 168 is 5 minutes by bicycle from Himeji Station.
This co-living house is located in a convenient residential area within walking distance to Himeji Castle and downtown Himeji.

The name comes from the number “168,” which is widely considered a lucky number in Asia.

The house is sunny and has excellent access to the city. We are looking forward to welcoming those who will be working in Himeji, those who will be relocating, students, etc!


Private room

6 Western-style rooms (12㎡)
Beds are provided. There is a small storage room and a balcony.

Private room

Japanese style room (9㎡)

It is a 5-mat Japanese-style room.
The key is a simple padlock. No bed , No storage , but drawer provided.

Living room

Shared living room. Spacious and relaxing. Shared TV and DVD deck.
The ceiling has a skylight for great sunlight. This is a ideal place to gather and eat dinner together.

IH oven. (No gas), Two refrigerators. Stock shelves, microwave, toaster, dishes and utensils are provided.

There is also a small garden in the backyard for gardening :)

Bath room

Shower, Bath, Washbasin

2 Toilets/ 1 shower room with bathtub/ 3 washbasin/2 washing machines.

Three washbasins are convenient for crowded mornings.
2 washing machine(no dryer) available .


Rent (Long-stay contract * more than 3 months)

★Western-style room : 35,000 yen/month
★Japanese-style room : 32,000 yen/month

・Deposit/key money  0 yen/0 yen
・Move-in fee  50,000 yen (non-refundable)
・Brokerage fee  0 yen
・Security Deposit  0 yen

・Room cleaning fee: 30,000 yen when moving out
(if the residence can perfectly clean, no need )

・Fire insurance optional (0 yen)
Common utility cost: Actual cost is split evenly among tenants.

【Estimated amount】 Spring and fall: 6,000-8,000 yen, summer and winter: 8,000-12,000 yen

Rent (short term contract)

★Rent & Common utility cost 90,000 yen/1 month

・Deposit/key money 0 yen/0 yen
・Fire insurance optional (0 yen)

Included in common expenses

Utilities (electricity, gas, water), wireless wifi,.
Consumables (toilet paper tissues), detergent (kitchen, toilet, bath)
Garbage bags designated by Himeji city, neighborhood council fee..etc
Please note that a large percentage of the cost of utilities is linked to the season and the price of crude oil.


Please understand the following house-rules.

1) Basically all house rules are based on daytime workers.
2) Parking is not included in the rent.

3) Cleaning and garbage disposal are done on a rotating basis by residents.
4) Age limit (18-40) men and women.  Any nationality is welcome!


Address: 1-16 Tatsuno-machi, Himeji, Hyogo 

・Five-minute walk from JR/Sanyo Himeji Station by Shinki Bus “Ichinobashi” stop.

・5 minutes from Himeji Station by bicycle (bicycle parking available).

There is a parking lot in front of the house.

Cars: 6,000 yen/month per car
Motorcycle/Moped: 1,000 yen/month
Bicycle: Free.

Neighborhood of 168
The area where the co-living house is located is tinged pink with cherry blossom trees in spring.

<Recommended Neighbors>

Supermarket (Max-Value): 3 minutes by bike
Convenience store : 3 minutes by bike
Sushiro & Kura-sushi : 4 minutes by bike

5 minutes walk distance shop
Ramen(tsukemen tomi), Cafe dior, Chinese canteen, Yakiniku, Burger shop.


Message from House Manager.

Himeji is easily accessible city.
 just one hour from Osaka and 45 minutes from Kobe.
It is close to both the ocean and mountains, and is ranked high in the “Best Places to Live” list for its lack of damage from typhoons and other natural disasters.

Co-living “Share House 168 “ is located in a quiet residential area close to Himeji Castle, yet conveniently close enough to walk to the downtown area.

It is a 15-20 minute walk from Himeji Station. By bicycle, it takes only 5 minutes.

Every spring, the moat of Himeji Castle is filled with cherry blossoms in full bloom and you can enjoy the rows of cherry trees on my way to work or school.

We hope this beautiful house will be useful for your life in Himeji  !!