Move-out form
Please read the notes carefully.

1 ) Moving out

Moving out is considered to be complete when the residence is completely vacated and the keys are returned. After the return of the key, you may not use the residence even before the date of end of the contract.

2 ) Rents

① Even if you move out of the housing before the contract end date, you will be charged until the contract cancellation date.
② Please be sure to give 2 months’ notice before you move out.
Example: If you wish to move out on March 30→Need to give us a notice by January 31 (rent until March + common service fee required)

3) Cleaning Fee & Common expenses, etc.

The cleaning fee (30,000yen) & The common service charge for the month you move out (15,000 yen)  will be deposited in advance . Please make the deposit together with the transfer of the rent for the month you move out . The excess amount will be settled on or around the 25th of the following month and paid into the designated bank account. The excess amount will be refunded to the designated bank account after settlement on or around the 25th of the following month.

4) Cleaning of your room & shelve

Please clean your own room (vacuuming ) and clean the refrigerator, dry goods cabinets, washrooms and other areas used by you. Please plan to dispose of bulky trash, etc. when you move out yourself.

5) Checking the damage of the room

We will check the room after the cleaning is completed. If there is any damage after occupancy, we will charge an additional repair fee.

6) Move-out date and time

In principle, the move-out date once notified cannot be changed for any reason. If your move-out date is undecided, please set your move-out date well in advance. For your information, please set the time zone at the time when the cleaning is completed and the key can be handed over.

Move-out form